Engagement session coming up?

Whether you are a couple getting prepared for your engagement session or a photographer, these 5 must-try prompts/poses are for you. Let's get started:

#1: Walking holding hands

I like to start my session out simple. Let the couple warm up to the camera. I have them hold hands and walk. Looking at each other, laughing and smiling. I also add some other prompts: pull away far apart then come together and bump your hips; or stop and lean in for a kiss.

#2: Chest to Chest

Have the couple stand face to face, chest to chest; as close as possible. There are many variations once the couple is in this pose:

  1. forehead to forehead
  2. noses touching
  3. kiss
  4. If there is a big height difference, the shorter person can lean their head on the taller person's chest.
  5. Have one person kiss the other person's temple or whisper in their ear while the other person looks into the camera (or off into the distance.)

In this photo, I told him her to pull her in close for a kiss and lean her back a little.

#3: Sitting

I have the couple sit and snuggle up close. I like to intertwine their legs and make sure they are close, comfy and cozy. I have them hold hands, rub noses, forehead to forehead, whisper in ears, kiss, anything to get that sweet, intimate moment. Also make sure to get up close photos of hands, the engagment ring, and other details you see.

#4: "Drunk Walk"

I like to call this one the "I love you Man" pose. Have the taller person put their arm over the shoulder of the other person and intertwine their fingers. Tell them to pretend like they are drunk and lean on the other person, walk and weave around/stumble a little. Just make sure to tell them to keep their faces smiling (not to make drunk faces. lol) This prompt always creates fun, authentic smiles

#5: Champagne Spray

Whether you are the client or the photographer, bring a bottle of champagne for some fun photos. Once you carefully open the bottle, have the person put their thumb over the opening of the bottle and shake. I have them spray up and towards me (I'm standing about 10 feet away) I also make sure to tell the clients to keep smiling faces and I pose them so the person not doing the spraying is touching the other person.

I hope you enjoyed these easy 5 poses to try at your next couples or engagement session. I always start with a pose and then add in prompts to get movement and authentic smiles.