Lifestyle Photographer

I consider myself a lifestyle photographer. I love to capture all the candid moments. I always make sure to get the posed pictures with everyone looking and smiling at the camera, but after that, I love to give prompts to encourage natural emotions. This form of photography allows families to relax, have fun, and be themselves. I love hearing a client say after a session, "That was fun." Family pictures don't have to be stressful and perfect. It's the feelings and the memories you have when you look back at those photos.

Here are 5 of my favorite poses/prompts that I use at a family session:

  1. I always like to start it off easy, sort of like a warm up. So, one of my first poses I usually start with is: Hold hands and walk slowly towards me. Looking at the camera, at each other, smiling and having fun. You can also have the family walking away from you for another angle.

Pose #2: Shoulder Rides.

If you have children, then you know how difficult some toddlers can be. Some are shy and afraid of strangers (like my children). Some are in charge and want to the run the show. Most toddlers love shoulder rides. So if possible, have the parents give their kids shoulder rides and get some smiles. I also love the look of shoulder rides because it creates triangles, which make the photos look more interesting and creative.

Pose #3: Group Hug

I like to say, "Squeeze in and hug each other. Pretend like you like each other." Always gets some laughs and authentic smiles.

Pose #4: Tickle the person next to you

Tickle the baby, tickle mommy, tickle your sister, etc. This prompt always gets cute laughs and authentic smiles.

Pose #5: Swing/Airplane

These are perfect for kids who have lost interest (or had no interest at all) in having their pictures.

I hope these poses and prompts have given you some inspiration for your next family photoshoot.